Andrew Peters, Taihape - Deer/Sheep/Beef

Andrew and Pam run a 420 hectare Sheep / Beef / Deer breeding and fattening operation, 550m above sea level. Andrews Comments: Deer have always been regarded as strong healthy animals. Since domestication (farming them), deterioration in their health and strength has been observed in many cases. Deer had (in the wild) developed a natural ability to seek and feed on vegetation that gave them an adequate supply of nutrients for their well being, hence their browsing style of feeding...

Arjen & Ester Ritmeester, Tokoroa - Dairy Farm

When Ester and I first met John seven years ago, we had an Olsen P of 97, our pasture was open and thatching. We had compaction in our topsoil and there was poor worm and biological activity within the soil. Seven years later, John has helped us turn all those things around and we are very happy with the health of our soil and pasture. The animal health of our dairy cows has also improved dramatically since using Uptake. We now very rarely administer metabolic solutions as there is less need for it. Milk fever is a big issue and a huge cost to dairy farmers. Incidents of milk fever has dramatically been reduced...

Henry Collier, Wakarua

I have been asked to express my views on Uptake and their custom blends. I do so with a great deal of satisfaction because of the tremendous progress we have been able to make with our stock health here at Wakarua using their products. I feel that the benefit to farmers with a stock health problem using this product could be as great as a cure for Aids would be to humans! This could be regarded as an extravagant statement but I disagree. Aids is a deadly killer for humans that is well known, but equally, so is poor stock health for the farmer, especially sheep and beef in these very difficult times being experienced. If not corrected, it can well lead to financial failure....

Grant Bishop

“ I have been a very long and loyal client of Uptake and I believe 100% in their philosophy.
By developing a healthy and active soil profile, most essential nutrients will be transferred from the soil up into the plant and through to the animal.

Since using Uptake, I can firmly say that the quality and health of my plants and animals have increased and I am very happy with my animal performance and production.

One of the greatest things I admire about Uptake is that everything they said would happen, has!” 

Ian Gilmour

“ I had always understood that quality soil is the key to quality stock, mine are now easy care , and healthy!

The fact is that a healthy soil needs many different nutrients to excel, not just one!!

Since 1996 and under the guideline and support of John and his team at Uptake, this has proven to be absolutely correct.”

Bob Smith

“Uptake has provided us with a substantial increase in production and pasture quality. The stock evenly graze all our steep hill country and thick, strong pasture growth almost everywhere. The recommendations John has come up with for our farm in the ability to develop and improve soils and pastures on our property. We are very happy with the results."

Don Buchanan, Taumarunui

"In the 11 years I have been working with John Davis of “Uptake”, there has been a steady improvement in my stocks health, enabling me to attain the sort of performance I expect.

The improved nutrient balance of my pastures must had some bearing on my repeated successes in the 'Steak of Origin' competition."
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