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It is becoming increasingly obvious throughout the world and more recently in New Zealand that the continual push for more production has created difficulties in maintaining soil quality and soil capability. If care is not taken the cost of production will erode our ability to compete internationally. If we continue to fertilise at the expense of biological quality the sustainable functions of the soil will disappear.

Use this section to find out how UPTAKE can help farmers with managing their soil, plant and animal health. If you have any questions, please email or phone us. We will be happy to answer your questions, or visit you in person to explain more about the UPTAKE solutions.

What is Nutrient Transfer?

By restoring soil nutrients in the correct ratio, the soil becomes biologically active and pasture growth is improved. This enables nutrient to be transferred to give better animal health and growth....

Why use Suspension fertiliser?

Suspension fertiliser allows the application of each needed nutrient no matter how small the quantity, to cover each square metre of the farm, fast and evenly....

What is the Uptake 4 step process?

Step 1 On Farm Consultation, Step 2 Comprehensive Soil, Step 3 Complete Land Management, Step 4 Frequent follow ups...

The 7 laws of Land Management?

Uptake use seven laws as a guide to the balance of soil management. Click here for more details...

How can I identify Pressure?

Every farmer knows they must replace nutrients in the soil. Uptake helps the farmer identify issues relating to poor soil balance including hidden hunger and other soil nutrient deficiencies....

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